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GDPR Request

Please carefully read the following notes before proceeding:

You are about to make a "Right to Erasure" request under GDPR law, instructing Clickteam to remove all personally identifying data we hold about you. Because this process means removing every identifier and all data, it will have the following consequences in future:

  • We will not be able to assist you with lost product keys/installation media as we will no longer be able to verify your ownership of our products.
  • You will no longer have access to our various areas which require an account, including the Clickteam Community Forum, Bug Tracker, Clickteam Store, ClickStore and any others which are accessed via an account.
  • Removal of your data will likely render Clickteam unable to prove your ownership of our software products. This may affect future access to updates, particularly in the case of our asset store ClickStore where the majority of assets/software are sold without a product key for ongoing identification of ownership.
  • We will not be able to retain any previous emails or online interactions with you.
  • We may be unable to offer any assistance going forward (unless you re-grant permission for us to hold your data)

If you do wish to proceed, you will need to tick the box and submit the ticket at the end of this form, this will act as your digital signature.

Please make sure before you proceed that you have a secure copy of any product keys, product installation files and anything else required for your continued enjoyment of Clickteam products and ClickStore assets as we may be unable to supply these in the future if lost.

Please detail in the box below all of the accounts you have at Clickteam. Potential accounts may include:

  • Clickteam shops (
  • Community Forum (
  • ClickStore (
  • Email Lists (

For each account, please provide all applicable details:

  • email address
  • username (not needed where this is just your email address)

This will allow us to identify your individual accounts. We must be able to confirm that you are the owner of said accounts to protect other customers and users from potential malicious harm by false reporting.


We will also require an email to be sent from the email address associated with each account you wish to be deleted.  If you have 3 accounts with 3 separate email addresses attached, you must send us an email from each of these addresses.  Without this step we cannot legally proceed with your request as we are bound by data protection law to protect customer data - this includes us taking this step to confirm that you are indeed the owner of each account.

Please send emails titled "GDPR Confirmation" to:

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